Caribbean Climate Watch – April Edition #1

Caribbean Climate Watch – April Edition #1

Welcome to Caribbean Climate Watch! Below are some of the major climate change headlines regionally and internationally. 

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CCCCC: The Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC) is continuing its effort to advance climate action during the COVID-19 pandemic, as some of its officials will be taking part in The Placencia Action Forum this upcoming week. The initiative is being put on by the Alliance of Small Island States and assembles some of the major actors working on an ambitious response to the climate change emergency and safeguarding the integrity of the Paris Agreement. Read more.


Adaptation Fund: The Adaptation Fund (AF), one of the major climate finance mechanisms globally has a new chairman at its helm. Ibila Djibril of Benin officially assumed the role during a scaled-down virtual meeting, held on April 2, aimed at swearing in new members. Mr. Djibril, who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Fund, says one of his aims is to accrue more financial resources to increase the country funding cap of projects funded by the AF. Read more.

Climate Home: A democratic party victory in South Korea’s recent elections could spell new climate ambitions for the Asian nation. The Democratic Party’s decisive victory will enable President Moon to press ahead with its newly adopted Green New Deal agenda. In its climate manifesto published last month, the Democratic Party promised to pass a “Green New Deal” law that would steer the country’s transformation into a low-carbon economy. Read more.

Climate Home: The International Air Transport Association is urging the United Nations to relax some of its climate goals for airlines over the next decade, as a means of reducing the economic burden that COVID-19 has placed on the sector. Read more.

Climate Home: Chile becomes the latest country to update its Nationally Determined Contributions (national climate action plans). Perhaps most notably, the country has promised to peak is greenhouse emissions by 2025, two years prior to the date mentioned in its draft proposal. Read more.

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